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Vizlenz Forensic Lab is founded in the year 2020 by S.S. Suchitra Tarun, one of the premier handwriting and document examiners in Bengaluru. As a specialist in the field of forensic document examination Suchitra Tarun now leading the practice, has been performing examinations and providing testimony since 2020. Suchitra Tarun has rendered opinions and testified for the plaintiff as well as the diffence in both criminal and civil matters.

Handwriting and document examination is a very specialized area of inventigations. Suchitra Tarun is well-trained and highly qualified in the technical field. She is a certified forensic document examiner.

S. S. Suchitra Tarun

S.S. Suchitra Tarun is a certified forensic document examiner, certified by International Forensic Science IFS, India. She holds a certificate for the forensic science which includes questioned documents and handwriting in 2019.

Suchitra Tarun is court qualified and has testified in court and by deposition in numerous cases involving questioned signatures on anonymous notes, forged signatures and contracts, disputed wills, altered typewrittened documents and many other questioned documents.

Suchitra Tarun has owned and operating her own business since 2014.

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