Alterations: We detect documents that are altered to change the conditions of a contract or other legal entity. Alterations can take to form of erasures and replacement or insertion of material into a document. Handwriting, typewriting or other marks on paper can be removed by abrasion or chemical eradication or covered with opaque substances.  We also detect erasures, obliterations and insertions.

Additions: The validity of a document is questioned because it many contain parts in the form of interlineations or additions which may greatly change, extend or dent its effect and value. Such questions are basis of litigation.

Erasures: Removal of something from the original document is called erasure. Sometimes the whole injury is regarding the change in a word or even of one figure or part of a figure in a date or an amount and again it may be possible to prove that a whole document with exception of a signature, has been erased and a new fraudulent document written above the genuine signature. Wills, notes and other important documents have been manufactured this way.

 We detect both physical & chemical erasures.

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